How Barbados based Elvin Nash Tries to be the Best Mentor he Can be

Mentorship is a necessity of life that many people seek. Especially amongst younger generations, having proper guidance from a mentor that helps them through their professional career path is becoming more and more popular. As General Manager, Barbados based Elvin Nash values mentorship of his younger professional team and identifies the value in nurturing them to grow and succeed. As an upper level manager who has worked in expansion efforts, sales management, and general management of PBS locations, Elvin has seen great success in mentoring young professionals by connecting with them 1:1, learning more about their personal ambitions and taking initiative to connect them to new opportunities.

As an upper level manager, Elvin Nash Barbados has had the opportunity to work with many young professionals. In this experience he always found success in making the effort to connect with them 1:1. This creates a feeling of mutual trust and respect amongst the employee and manager. As a result, once these meetings are in place, Elvin was also able to learn more about that person to correspondingly give them direction on their personal ambitions. From personal experience to professional insight, Elvin gives his own perspective to these young professionals allowing them to make their own conscientious decisions. Finally, taking the initiative to connect these professionals to new opportunity was also a vital step in the mentorship process. Whether it was internal development and promotion or cross training to new areas, being an advocate for the success of this person was a responsibility he happily took on as mentor.


Tips on Implementing a Go To Market Strategy by Barbados based Elvin Nash

When implementing a new venture or expanding your business, a Go To Market Strategy is a comprehensive project plan that identifies your target market, competitive landscape and immediate action plan to raise awareness on your product. As a Regional Business Development Manager and Sales Manager and current General Manager for Barbados based Productive Business Solutions Elvin Nash has significant experience in implementing go to market strategy in an international setting. Throughout his experiences he has found that creating a clear short to long term objective list coupled with choosing the correct marketing channels are the key tools that will help facilitate a successful go to market implementation.

As a long standing partner of Xerox and manager at PBS Barbados, it was Elvin Nash Barbados responsibility to expand business, drive revenue and accelerate the road to profitability. By creating a short to long term objective list and defining the correct marketing channels, Elvin was able to define immediate business requirements, engage customers and drive revenue with great urgency when first expanding PBS to other areas. An objective list may seem simple, however the key to success with this deliverable was to create actionable tasks that facilitated immediate results and built a foundation for long term growth. Comparatively, identifying the correct marketing channels enables you to have a strong pipeline of customers to engage with even before your solid offices may be established. The go to market strategy is a vital piece of every new business effort, using effective marketing and planning can make all the difference in this delicate time.

Barbados Based Elvin Nash on Effective Sales Management

Elvin Nash is a General Manager at Productive Business Solutions in Barbados. With over 20 years of professional experience, he has developed numerous competencies in managing and implementing business solutions from a Sales, Marketing and Customer Service perspective. As a sales manager, your primary responsibility is to enable your team to effectively sell your products. There are many components to consider in this craft, however, the most effective sales teams are the result of a strong marketing engine, concise sales training, and a collaborative approach to driving a successful customer relationship.

To effectively manage your sales team, the first component to consider is the marketing side of the spectrum. This team will act as the generator in your organization, driving sales leads and creating a unified customer facing voice. As a result the sales organization and marketing teams should operate closely when defining the target customer, value proposition and overall sales strategy.

In addition to an effective marketing organization, your sales team must also be thoroughly trained and knowledgeable in their field in order to find success in selling your product or services. By creating a team that follows a unified sales strategy based upon comprehensive training and a strong marketing engine you’re enabling your sales team to speak to the right customers, with the right voice.

While your sales team may have a great marketing engine and training program, collaboration amongst departments is also vital to the success of your sales team as well. Even beyond the close of a deal, it is of the utmost importance that your sales team periodically be reengaged with past customers to foster a positive business relationship and to also discuss opportunity for upgrades to current service packages.

Elvin Nash Barbados has seen great success in distribution and sales throughout Barbados. This success is based upon these core principles of educating your sales team, creating a strong marketing engine and valuing collaboration amongst teams to create a successful business relationship with each customer.