Elvin Nash, Barbados Businessman – The Basics of Entrepreneurship

Elvin Nash, an international businessman currently based out of Barbados, is an innovative professional with an entrepreneurial mindset. Not all businesspersons with entrepreneurial mindsets work for themselves, but they typically share basic traits. For example, Elvin Nash currently works for PBS Barbados, but he still possesses basic traits like these:

  • Empathy. In addition to leadership, management and organization skills, entrepreneurs need to understand empathy. You’ll need to be able to communicate with potential business partners, employees and allies. Additionally, entrepreneurs often study psychology books to learn how to read people and best predict who is a reliable ally and who is not.
  • Morals. When you’re an entrepreneur, you often don’t need to answer to anyone, which means that there’s no one to enforce a code of right and wrong. This doesn’t mean that your endeavors don’t need to be moral, though. You still need to recognize and enforce a sense of fair play and the rule of doing no harm.
  • Risk management. Entrepreneurs must understand when to take a risk and when to play it safe. Betting everything in your hand is rarely a sound action, but risks are sometimes unavoidable. You must weigh the benefits and the costs, and make a sound decision on how to proceed.
  • Work/life balance. When you run your own company, it’s easy to let it absorb you. This is a fast way to burn out, though, and maintaining a work/life balance is vital to success. Entrepreneurs must remember to take time for themselves so they do not lose out on their lives apart from business.

Elvin Nash Barbados employs these basic entrepreneurial traits in all of his business endeavors, including those with PBS Barbados. Before pursuing your entrepreneurial endeavors, assess yourself and what needs to be done to implement these traits.


From the Cayman Islands to Barbados, Elvin Nash Exudes Management Expertise

The prosperity that Elvin Nash has accumulated in Productive Business Solutions (PBS) Barbados began with a successful General Manager position at the PBS Cayman organization. In the mere three years that Nash was the head of this branch, he accomplished some very respectable deeds before moving on and up in the company.

PBS included Cayman Business Machines Ltd as a member of the PBS Group. While this corporation initially handled some of the same tasks and services as PBS, most of the operation needed to be retrofitted to operate by the PBS standards. Nash took this responsibility to heart, and transformed the Cayman location into a star performer.

In 2010, after one year or service at the Cayman branch, Nash received a Xerox Distributor Award for his location selling the most Solid Ink color printers in one deal that year. The award would not have been possible without his dedication to reforming and revolutionizing the newly acquired site.

Among the many tasks that Elvin Nash Barbados had to complete before moving on to Barbados, he was charged with introducing new product lines to the businesses on Cayman Island. After replacing the core business applications and software that the previous company used, he began the process to retool their entire business practice to work more efficiently and productively.

On his second year as the General Manager of PBS Cayman, Nash was awarded the prized PBS 2011 Over Achievement of the Corporate Target. After successfully integrating the Cayman location into the PBS fold, Elvin Nash was able to take his management expertise on to the Barbados location.

Elvin Nash, Barbados Businessman – Think Like an Entrepreneur

Elvin Nash is a Barbados businessman with an entrepreneurial spirit that he has fostered for decades. Though he has not always worked for himself, Productive Business Solutions (PBS) Group trusted Elvin Nash to oversee the integration of new PBS branches in Barbados and around the world. The mindset that has allowed Nash to pursue this type of work with PBS, and entrepreneurial endeavors away from the organization, is something that you must foster if you wish to become an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs think differently from the average businessman. They view challenges as opportunities, competitors as research subjects, perfection as an enemy, mistakes as healthy and small things as big. If you don’t have an entrepreneurial mindset, these might not make sense, but they can after you examine the below explanations:

1. When entrepreneurs face challenges, they look at them as opportunities to improve instead of approaching them with the usual pessimism and stress. Challenges are opportunities to improve upon weaknesses to avoid future setbacks when you view them through the eyes of an entrepreneur.

2. When entrepreneurs look at their competition, they view them less as threats and more as research subjects. Through the eyes of an entrepreneur, competitors are helpful because they have already gathered valuable information to learn from.

3. When entrepreneurs strive to improve, they recognize that reaching perfection will stall progress by allowing goals to stagnate. In the eyes of an entrepreneur, nothing is ever perfect and everything can continue evolving.

These are just some of the many examples of entrepreneurial thinking. If you would like to improve your own entrepreneurial mindset, do the most entrepreneurial thing possible and start learning by studying a fellow entrepreneur. Elvin Nash applies mindsets like the examples above to his Barbados position, in an effort to solidify his position as a respected, innovative mind within the company.

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