Elvin Nash, Barbados Businessman – The Basics of Entrepreneurship

Elvin Nash, an international businessman currently based out of Barbados, is an innovative professional with an entrepreneurial mindset. Not all businesspersons with entrepreneurial mindsets work for themselves, but they typically share basic traits. For example, Elvin Nash currently works for PBS Barbados, but he still possesses basic traits like these:

  • Empathy. In addition to leadership, management and organization skills, entrepreneurs need to understand empathy. You’ll need to be able to communicate with potential business partners, employees and allies. Additionally, entrepreneurs often study psychology books to learn how to read people and best predict who is a reliable ally and who is not.
  • Morals. When you’re an entrepreneur, you often don’t need to answer to anyone, which means that there’s no one to enforce a code of right and wrong. This doesn’t mean that your endeavors don’t need to be moral, though. You still need to recognize and enforce a sense of fair play and the rule of doing no harm.
  • Risk management. Entrepreneurs must understand when to take a risk and when to play it safe. Betting everything in your hand is rarely a sound action, but risks are sometimes unavoidable. You must weigh the benefits and the costs, and make a sound decision on how to proceed.
  • Work/life balance. When you run your own company, it’s easy to let it absorb you. This is a fast way to burn out, though, and maintaining a work/life balance is vital to success. Entrepreneurs must remember to take time for themselves so they do not lose out on their lives apart from business.

Elvin Nash Barbados employs these basic entrepreneurial traits in all of his business endeavors, including those with PBS Barbados. Before pursuing your entrepreneurial endeavors, assess yourself and what needs to be done to implement these traits.